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The team of expert locksmiths at QuicKeys use the latest cutting-edge machinery and software to offer a reliable and precise key replacement service. We can offer key replacement for all types of keys, from windows to French doors, padlocks to lockers.

Key Replacement Service

Our expert technicians offer a quick key replacement service, so you never have to be locked out for long. We also offer quick delivery, to suit your schedule and needs, and we use the best equipment the industry has to offer, so you can be sure your key will work perfectly every time. If you are looking for a key replacement service that you can rely on, we should be your top choice.

Arrange A Key Replacement Service

If you are looking for key replacement, you are in the right place. Our team offers a fast and affordable key replacement that you can rely on. Just fill in our form, give us a call, or visit us in Clapham Junction to find out more about our key replacement service.

What our customers say:

Quick and well priced. They're happy to fix any issues with the keys and do so promptly and efficiently. Thanks!

Friendly workers at the shop, cut my keys in a flash also assisted me with a problem I had with my locks highly recommend

Top drawer all round for keys, printing, photocopying. Modern shop with everything needed in this type of business.

Expert Technician

Clapham Junction Keys offers expert technicians to suit your needs

Quick Delivery

Clapham Junction Keys offers fast delivery to suit you, whatever your needs

The Best Equipment

Clapham Junction Keys use the best equipment to ensure your keys are at the highest standard finish

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